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"Electro Pool" performs all types of design and exploratory work both for new construction and for the retrofit of existing energy facilities at all project design stages:

  • Inspection of existing condition of buildings and structures;
  • Geo-technical engineering and surveying services;
  • Thermal-mechanical design;
  • Electrical design, instrument diagrams, process control system, automatic meter reading systems, communications and signaling.
  • Architectural and construction solutions;
  • HVAC;
  • Water treatment, supply and drainage;
  • Estimating, return on investment;
  • Construction management;

The company is actively involved in all phases of a project investment process, including:

  • Construction feasibility study;
  • Business plans development for attracting investments;
  • Integrated sets of plans: "Draft", "Working draft", "Working documentation", etc.;
  • Obtaining permits by issuing authorities;
  • Owners representation during construction.

"Electro Pool" works closely with equipment designers and suppliers – it helps develop technical requirements, and participates in the approval process of technical conditions for equipment ordering.

The Institute established a strong relationship with such suppliers of energy equipment as "ABB", "ALSTOM Grid", "Legrand", "GE" and others.